“Ánima Planetario is a service of healing for the astral field of the Earth, which is also a healing of our own astral field. This call call responds to the call of Mother Earth on the date of March 21, 2015.
More than 25 groups in over 6 countries (and it keeps growing) will come together in places of power in response to this call.
Everyone is invited to participate from their homes or wherever they are. The event will take place from sunrise to sunset, and it is structure in 5 parts. If you would like to join in connection and open yourself to the healing energies that will be evoked, you may carry out these decrees.
If you would like to join in with all the other groups, you can do them at the indicated times within your local time zone.



Breathe deeply
Connect with your heart
Feel your connection with the heart of the Earth
Feel your connection with the centre of the Universe
Feel, from your heart, your connection with the entire network that has been created in this Ánima Planetario
Breathe deeply, and with your two hands on your heart, give the decrees


MODULE 1: Opening and connection with the grids (07:00am)
I connect with Mother Earth and I open to the light of the Sun, aligning all of my Being. Through my heart I connect with the grids of divine consciousness that encircle the Earth and with its energetic field with complete respect, love, and coherence.


MODULE 2: Healing of our ancestors (09:45 am)
I Am the divine presence manifesting my full divine power right now on the Earth. I forgive all undesirable memories from the astral field of Mother Earth that correspond to me and to all the ancestors of my lineage from the beginning of creation up until the present moment, in connection with this place of power and in union with the entire Human Network.
I’m sorry, forgive me, I love you, thank you
I’m sorry, forgive me, I love you, thank you
I’m sorry, forgive me, I love you, thank you
Divine presence, clean, purify, and liberate now, all these undesirable energies and transmute them into pure Light.
And so it is, so be it, sealed for all of eternity.


MODULE 3: Healing of THE SOUL AND THE ASTRAL (12:00pm – 12:12, key moment to be in connection)
I open myself to heal the astral aspect of my soul with love, responsibility, and respect, and to offer all this healing light and love to astral plane of Mother Earth to re-establish balance.
I open myself to balance and heal my Sacred Feminine and my Sacred Masculine, and through their fusion, I heal the love stories between their souls for their liberation.
I collect all the love emanating from my heart and I offer it once again to Mother Earth.

The union between the Divine Mother and Mother Earth is present within me. Here and Now I connect with the healing of the collective unconscious.
This work is activated within me trough the sacred triangle.
It is done with me, and in all my bodies, and through me it expands and is carried out, now and always. It is sealed.


I open myself to integrate all the healing that has taken place through the light of the Sun as I align my entire divine channel. I open my heart to connect with its depths, the Christic heart, the Christic grid, and the crystalline grid that wraps the Earth, as evolutionary information is transferred between them. This new vibration of love and unity will remain in the grid of the Earth with respect, freedom, and love.